Detail your company's Vision/Purpose
Objectives - Detail the main objective(s) of this brand new identity
Key Message(s) - Detail in as few words as possible, the key messages(s) of this brand identity
Benefits/USP's of your company's products, service
Who are your main competitors?
Target audience – Define your target audience(s), considering:(a) Type of market, Financial, Retail, Corporate, Government, General Public or other. (b) Type or personnel e.g. Director, Manager, i.e. decision makers/influencers, or other.You may wish to d
Tone of voice – With regard to (a) visual appearance and (b) tone of voice - is the identity to be authoritative, educational, technical, friendly or something else?
Who is the primary contact for content (images, words, logos)?
Are there any examples of other brands that you particularly like? This can be the logo, colours fonts or because they offer a great customer experience.
Timescale - when do you need your new identity to be live?
Other information you feel would be helpful...