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Every great city needs a vision - and from that vision a plan can be crafted.

UpShift was contracted by Nelson City Council to manage the community engagement activity for its 30-year city centre plan - Te Ara ō Whakatū. Working with the city centre team we undertook a detailed stakeholder mapping process and developed an engagement strategy that encouraged quality feedback and built trust in the process. From that strategy, we created a six-month schedule of engagement activity and managed that each step of the way.

Community Engagement

42 stakeholder groups were identified, comprising over 275 individuals. It was important that we took the time to listen to as wide a range of views as possible, and use that information to shape the draft plan. As the meetings progressed the draft plan evolved - each time being presented back to the stakeholders for review and feedback.

In total we hosted 81 meetings over a four-month period - over 200hrs of face to face interaction. The output was Te Ara ō Whakatū - the pathways of Nelson.