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Will MacGregor

Will joined the UpShift team at the beginning of 2019, and quickly became indispensable. Working closely with our development team and our designer, he’s focused on building accessible, beautiful tech with humans at its heart. He enjoys the process of delivering end-to-end projects where the team has control on how a web application or site should work as it's built from the ground up. Outside of work, Will is usually preoccupied with culinary pursuits, but is also part of a cheer squad, and is the world’s No. 1 Oliver Tree fan. 

Recent rewarding job:
DiabetesWise is my biggest project, and I’ve been working on it since I began at UpShift, so I feel really close to it. It’s important to be constantly learning and applying that knowledge to the benefit of clients like Stanford University School of Medicine.


Will MacGregor

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