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We are a digital agency that creates cool design & technology, which looks great & is a joy to use. We are based in Nelson, New Zealand but work with clients & partners all around the world

Our Story

Founded in 2013, UpShift is the result of a vision for creative digital development and design with a people-first approach. We’re proud to say that while we’ve evolved over the years, this ethos has remained at our core. 

Original Co-Founders Tama Easton, Paul Jennings & Aaron Ward – all keen members of the Nelson Tasman mountain biking community – coined the UpShift name in a cheeky nod to cycling vernacular. Unsurprisingly, it stuck, because that’s our goal for our work with you: to provide businesses with the technical tools required to move onwards & upwards. 

The team has since morphed & grown, with Tama taking on sole ownership & the Technical Director position, leading up to eight staff members with diverse backgrounds & skillsets.

What We Do

UpShift designs, develops & delivers digital solutions to human questions. We care about, & specialise in, projects based in science, the environment, health, food & community. 

We’ve been making apps, designing websites, & building e-commerce solutions in Nelson, New Zealand for over a decade. 

With combined expertise in website design & development, web & mobile applications, branding & communication, UpShift pulls from an extensive knowledge base. We know one size does not fit all, & we meet you wherever you are. 

Who We Are

UpShifters are problem solvers, solution seekers & collaborative creators. We work with you to figure out how our skills can best help you & your organisation connect with the world. 

The team combines our expertise & enthusiasm with yours – every step of the way is collaborative & tailored to a shared vision. 

We think big, we think ethically, we think trust, & we think technology is nothing without people.

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