Mobile App Development

Smart, user-first mobile app experiences

The best mobile apps give users access to all the benefits of your product wherever they go. But developing an experience that meets both business objectives and user needs requires experience and expertise. UpShift are well versed in the entire mobile app development process from initial requirements to launch and beyond. 

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Are you searching for a mobile app partner who:

  • Puts your business needs before anything?
  • Knows how to distill down your service into a compact but simple interface?
  • Brings an open, honest approach to pricing, timing and solution?
  • Has mobile app experience across a multitude of industries?
  • Crafts entirely custom mobile apps around your product?


We are the partner for you.

Why you should consider UpShift for your mobile app project

Highly Technical Field? No Problem!

The UpShift team has provided solutions for clients who operate in fields like medicine, science and the environment. We love working with specialists in diverse fields on niche subjects!

Simplifying The Complex

You may have complicated information, processes or functions as part of your business. We know how to take these and simplify them for the end user.

A Well-rounded Provider

UpShift don’t just do the doing, rather we’re with you every step of the way from developing the scope, consulting with stakeholders and facilitating ideation sessions with your team.


UpShift develops using React Native, as well as through Android and iOS proprietary SDKs. We also know how to integrate the front end user experience to any back end systems as required.

Some of our previous mobile app development:

How UpShift will build your app


Once you get in touch with us, we’ll work alongside you to deliver a brief that clearly outlines what you’re after from mobile experience, including the functionality it needs to offer and design requirements.


Following the brief we’re able to scope the project efficiently. We’ll outline the costings, timings and specifications around delivery as part of this project.


How your mobile app will hang together is critical to establish prior to any visual design or development. We’ll build out a structure that allows your team to see how the mobile app is going to be structured and interacted with, including the hierarchy of content and on-screen information architecture.


Drawing upon the architecture, our design team will create a mobile app design that applies your brand language to a layout and appearance designed for ease of use within a smartphone or tablet screen size. We build high-fidelity prototypes that provide a clear idea of what the end user will see.


With structure and appearance confirmed, we can then set about building the mobile app itself, drawing upon our skills and experience in efficient, robust coding practices.


Testing is more than just finding and fixing bugs (although we do that). It’s about getting real people interacting with your product with a fresh set of eyes and no existing biases. Part of our process is to ensure the app works for your target audience, and not just your team or ours.


With the mobile app created and approved, we’ll support your team to deploy and host this via the most appropriate server solution. We can also assist you with pushing your new app onto the Google Play store and iOS App Store.


As with any digital product, ongoing refinement and support will be required to deliver the best for your users. We engage our clients long after product delivery, upgrading and adding features as needed.

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