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Website Development

Proven and innovative website solutions

A website is a must-have for a business of almost any size. Whether you are wanting to create a clean, simple website to showcase your services or upgrade to a fully-featured e-commerce web store, UpShift will be your partner along the way.

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Do you want a Web developer who:

  • Has a proven track record of creating amazing websites?
  • Has experience with a multitude of different web platforms?
  • Can tailor websites to a wide range of users?
  • Expertly guides you through all stages of the development?
Transform your digital presence with UpShift!

Why choose UpShift as your Web Development partner?

Unbiased Experts

There is a huge range of tools and resources available to develop websites. We work with you to ensure that we use the best tools for the job. You can be assured that you are in the best hands working with us.

Clear pathways

Building a new website can seem like a daunting task. UpShift has experience with a range of digital development, and our consultants will help you visualise the development process from start to finish.

Input and Feedback

We work with your vision, refining it and adding advice that will enhance the result in ways you never dreamed possible. All you have to do is bring us the vision, we bring the tools and know-how to make it a reality.

Fresh Insight

With some of the best minds in the business, we can bring a unique perspective to your website that will not only revolutionise the look of your website but give your users exceptional functionality and speed.

Some of our past Website Development work:


We will open a discussion with you about your goals as a business, and what we can do to help you achieve this. We outline what the development process will look like and answer any of your questions.

Market analysis

We look at the wider trends of your market and the digital space. We investigate any trends and opportunities that we can take advantage of while developing your site.


We use the information gathered in the evaluation and analysis stages to establish the scope of the project. This includes what is involved in your project, when you can expect it, and the tools we will be using to get the job done. The scope sets expectations so that you know what to expect from us, and vice versa.


We create the structure of the website. How the content will be organised and stored, and how the user will navigate and interact with the site. We consider who will be using your site, how they will be using it, and what they will be looking for. This then guides the layout and design of the pages themselves.


After collating the information and insights, we create a design concept of your new site. This is the first time that you will be able to visualise the overall look and feel of your new site. We then give you the chance to provide feedback and refine the concept before it is finalised.


With the concept finalised, we begin the development of your new website. Using the latest development tools, user experience guidelines, and web platforms, we make your vision a reality. We work on migrating your data, integrating functionality, and refining the look and feel, all while keeping your vision and goals in mind.


We have to make sure that our work can take whatever you and your users can throw at it. This testing is comprehensive, including detailed functionality testing across a wide range of user platforms and devices. This involves testing how users will experience and interact with the site, ensuring that it is easy and intuitive to use as well as incredibly functional.


With the site complete, testing done, and finishing touches applied, we hand the site over to you.

We are a climate positive business

UpShift is proud to have achieved Climate Positive Business Operations with Ekos. Since 2019 we have measured and offset 120% of our carbon footprint with certified carbon credits.

These certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and help to deliver climate resilence, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.