What are the main purposes of your new website?
What are your goals for your new website?
What is it about your existing website that isn't working for you (if you have one)?
Who is/are the primary audience(s) for the new website? e.g. new customers, existing customers, foreign nationals, youth, tourists etc
What is the voice/tone of the new website
How experienced are you with e-commerce? (0 stars = no experience, 5 stars = very experienced)
How many products will you be selling (approximate is fine)?
What product categories do you think you need?
What special e-commerce functionality do you need/ want?
Which bank will you use for e-commerce transactions?
Do you have a payment gateway already setup?
Do you have a Mailchimp newsletter/ list?
Are there any specific web browsers the site must work on? e.g older versions of Internet Explorer or internet enabled televisions
Who is the primary contact for content (images, words, logos)?
Do you have your organisation's brand files? e.g. logos, .eps/pdf versions, fonts, colours, brand guidelines
Are there any competitor websites that you think do a good job of engaging their audience?
Are there any non-competitor websites you like the design/feel/functionality of?
Do you require additional digital marketing support?
Is there anything else we should know about your aspirations for your new website? The more you can tell us about what you want, and why, the easier it is for UpShift to ensure that your new website meets all your present and future online requirements)