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In these strange days of lockdowns & social distancing it’s important we continue to socially connect with each other in quality ways.

With many parts of the world in lockdown to combat the Covid-19 virus here’s an idea to keep connected with friends & family while keeping everyone safe & healthy.

What you’ll need:

  1. A computer or device with a camera, microphone & speakers (almost all laptops, tablets & phones).

  2. An internet connection.

  3. Someone else with a device & internet connection.

Ask someone “over for dinner” - make a time, heck - you can even come up with a theme.

Before dinner setup your device at the end of your table like so:

Ideally you want the camera to be able to “see” everyone at the table - this might take some fiddling with the position of the device & wear everyone is sitting.

Use a video call service to call the other person. Popular services include:

Be sure to give yourself 5-10 minutes to test the camera/ microphone etc. It will be easier the second time around.

That’s it really. Bon appetit!




  • Bigger screens are better - you could use a computer monitor or TV with a webcam.

  • There are wide angle webcams which will give a fuller view of the table.

  • You can adjust the camera in some video call software. For example Zoom uses a close-up angle by default - turning that off gives more visibility.

  • Try & make sure your screen & camera are backlit. Face the camera away from windows, rather than towards them.

I’m going to be experimenting with different setups & will report back if I find anything outstanding.

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