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We all know about Google’s search engine, but did you know an underlying ecosystem allows you to connect your website directly with Google's services?

The Google ecosystem comprises several complimentary services. The good news is that most of these services are free. The predictable news is that the free services funnel you towards their paid services - but free will take you a long way with getting seen.

It’s worth highlighting that you’ll need a Google Account to connect your website to the Google Ecosystem. It could be a Gmail account, Google Workspace account, or another account you use to access Google’s services.

Create a Google Account. 

Importantly, you should use an account that sits with your business or yourself. Do not have your website developer or SEO provider set up your connections with their account, as Google will treat them as the owner of your website.

If a third party setup your Google services with their own account you should get the ownership transferred to an account controlled by you or your business.

If you’d like a third party to assist you with the connections, you can set up accounts with yourself as the owner and add third party accounts to help manage your Google services.

Here are the three most important services for getting your website and business to appear in Google search results:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track the usage of your website (or app). You want to connect this first to measure changes to your website usage. Without analytics you are in the dark about how many people are using your website, and what they are looking at. Another good reason is some Google services use Google Analytics to verify that you “own” a website.

It’s worth noting that Google have recently announced that everyone using Google Analytics must move from version 3 (commonly known as “Universal Analytics”) to version 4 - known as GA4. We have written about the move to GA4 here. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console enables you to submit your website directly to Google Search Engine, for free. Yes, no “SEO” magic is required; all you need to do is register your website, prove you “own” it, and Google will index your website. If you want to take things further, you can create a sitemap listing your webpages and submit that to Google. Many CMSs like Squarespace and Shopify automatically create sitemaps.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile enables you to list your business profile in Google Search Engine and Google Maps for free. This service manages the business profiles you see that contain everything from address, phone number, opening hours and website information. This information feeds back into several Google services, so creating a profile and keeping it updated is essential.

If you feel overwhelmed, try setting up one service per day or contact UpShift - we’re here to help.

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