UpShift has been the primary development partner for a Stanford University School of Medicine based project called "DiabetesWise" since 2017.

DiabetesWise is a free independent resource aimed at encouraging & enabling people living with diabetes to adopt life saving technology to manage their blood sugar levels & insulin delivery.

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UpShift joined DiabetesWise in late 2017 to rapidly prototype digital tools that were used for user testing & design iterations.

Since then we have been actively involved with the project as it moved through prototyping & user testing to beta launch, medical trial, public launch & to continued development/ expansion.

Working across timezones we have created a productive development/ feedback loop where requested changes are often happening overnight for the client to review in the morning.

In 2021 we’re excited to continue our work on DiabetesWise for its next phase of development.

I have very much appreciated your ability to consider the investment in certain technical aspects, when it’s worthwhile to cut corners and when it’s worth investing. We enjoyed the flexibility and ease of your approach.
Sara Krugman - Healthmade Design - Oakland, USA

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