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UpShift is Stanford University School of Medicine’s primary partner for the development of a major free health resource, DiabetesWise. 

Now in our sixth year of working with the DiabetesWise team, we’re proud to continue playing a major role in developing independent resources that enable people living with diabetes to adopt life-saving technologies. 

UpShift founder and Technical Director Tama Easton says this is the type of work our team lives for. Partnering with institutions like Stanford to make applications that have a direct impact on individual and community wellbeing is directly in line with UpShift’s values. 

“Our initial brief was to develop an app for people living with diabetes that guided them through what diabetes devices might meet their needs,” says Tama, who has personal experience with diabetes. 

DiabetesWise’s mission is to connect people to the best devices for their lifestyle. This includes technology that helps manage blood sugar levels and insulin delivery. 

“We know from the research that the use of devices to manage the condition significantly improves human outcomes. The research also shows that understanding & choosing diabetes devices is a major hurdle to the uptake of these devices.
Tama Easton / Technical Director / UpShift Limited
The work we do is aimed at helping people with diabetes to experience the best health and quality of life possible. It's about enabling and empowering patients by providing access to the information and resources they need to make the right decisions for themselves.
Korey Hood / Professor & Psychologist / Stanford University School of Medicine

UpShift joined DiabetesWise in late 2017 to begin rapidly developing prototype tools and user interfaces. Over the past six years, we’ve been actively involved with the project as it went from prototype phase to beta launch, medical trial, and, majorly, public launch. Now, there is continued development and expansion. It’s an exciting journey to be part of.

Programme leader Korey Hood, Professor and Psychologist at Stanford University School of Medicine, has been deeply embedded in multiple aspects of taking care of diabetes for over two decades. 

UpShift is supporting this mission by developing tools that can be used by both patients and providers. offers an abundance of knowledge and support, including the latest information about sensors, devices, and device combinations. Beyond the tech, it provides personal wisdom from people with lived experience and discusses topics such as insurance, how to talk to your doctor, cost and comfort, and even social support like how to protest or vote safely. 

Meanwhile, DiabetesPro is a rich resource for healthcare professionals who are navigating the diabetes treatment sector with and for their patients. Providers can find information about devices, writing prescriptions, navigating insurance, and giving the best options and support to people living with diabetes. 

We intend and DiabetesWisePro to offer a frank, realistic, and hopefully positive experience like those I’ve had. UpShift has provided our team the flexibility to tailor the DiabetesWise platforms to meet the evolving nature of diabetes device onboarding and prescription. The easy-to-use Computer Management System (CMS) built by UpShift enables the team to make real-time edits and updates. We have enjoyed their ease of approach in continuing to improve and develop the platforms.
Korey Hood / Professor & Psychologist / Stanford University School of Medicine

Korey Hood, who personally uses multiple devices and digital technologies for diabetes management, says the complex but user-friendly tools created by UpShift are a reflection of combined efforts from the multidisciplinary DiabetesWise team. 


DiabetesWise is funded by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, helping ensure patients and providers are receiving non-biased information. 

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