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UpShift was approached by FLO Analytics – headquartered in Seattle – to build a community engagement platform for their clients.

The platform needed to be able to target, receive & filter feedback based on the geospatial location of the individual people. It also needed to work across many communication channels for maximum access to the intended audience.

Usinge our experience in community engagement & software development we worked closely with FLO Analytics to design and build a digital platform that could send individualised questions and gather individual responses.

Silverstripe Development Community Engagement

The underlying foundation of FLO Engage is the creation and maintenance of incredibly flexible datasets. Data can be imported from any system and used to build personalised engagements based on the recipient’s individual situations. The personalised engagements can be sent out using a variety of communication channels – from email, to SMS, to paper letters.

The initial pilot project for FLO Engage was around the construction of a new high school in Spokane, Washington State. Ridgeline High School was set to open in 2021 & the school district wanted a way to communicate with students impacted by the zoning change and collect responses on school preferences.

It turned out the flexibility of FLO Engage was tested early on. With Covid-19 disrupting schools the school district needed a way to contact all of their parents/ students and get feedback on how the school community wanted the new school year to look under Covid-19 restrictions.

The pilot received excellent response rates helping to paint a picture of schooling under the new normal. The first engagement had a 89% response rate, which is incredibly high compared to the typical survey response rate of around 33%.

With the success of FLO Engage’s pilot the platform is being rolled out to more school districts & local government organisations in 2021.

UpShift is continuing to work with FLO Analytics on additional development phases.

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