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Nelson Merino

UpShift loves working with locals. While we might have clients in many corners of the world, sometimes the best stories are happening right down the street. That was the case with Nelson Merino, a kiwi owned & operated company making clothing with 100% New Zealand wool.

While New Zealand weather might be on the mild side most of the year, we all know the chill of a good old Antarctic southerly. And if you’re heading out into it, it’s common knowledge natural fibres like merino wool are the best way to keep fingers and toes toasty and frost-free. 

That’s why Nelson Merino works with one of the most ancient breeds of sheep on earth – and the first type to be imported to New Zealand in large numbers. And the team knew it wasn’t just us locals who were after garments made from that far-travelled fine fleece.

So in 2020, they approached UpShift, with the intention to be an authentic e-commerce website that would help them grow their business internationally. After focusing on the New Zealand market for many years, they thought it was time to target the European, America, Canadian & Japanese markets.

After making sure we understood their needs and expectations, as well as doing market research, UpShift proposed moving the Nelson Merino site to e-commerce giant Shopify. 

Shopify helps get a clear picture of customer data, including their location, returning customers, one-time visits & more. This was a beneficial feature for Nelson Merino since they were looking forward to expanding their business to the international market.

The new website that UpShift built for Nelson Merino had a better flow to the website, and was easy to use. UpShift made sure that the website had a currency convertor since Nelson Merino was looking to connect to international customers. It was easy for them to get accustomed to Shopify’s content management system as it is user friendly & designed for a big e-commerce store.

And – success! Nelson Merino started receiving more international orders within a month of the website going live.

Upshift is a breath of fresh air in the world of Web Design. They have advised, designed and serviced our Nelson Merino business website to our complete satisfaction. Sales from our on-line store are continuing to increase. Tama and Prapti are friendly and professional and a pleasure to work with as, unlike so many others we have encountered, they really do listen and it is about our business agenda, not their own. We highly recommend them.
Vicki McGhee

Two years later, it was time for some tweaks & extra customization for the perfect customer experience. 

In 2022, UpShift developed & redesigned key elements of the e-commerce store, including key changes like robust filters for all of Nelson Merino’s products. Now, users can browse the site for products specifically available in their size, gender & age preference. 

UpShift also updated the home page to make the store easier to find for customers, highlight key products, & give the whole site a more contemporary look. 

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