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Two Bees is the brainchild of Auckland barrister Steve Keall – it is a digital tool which enables legal professionals to easily calculate court costs for trials they are involved in.

Steve engaged UpShift to create a brand & develop apps for this initiative.

“Two bees” is a common saying among the legal profession for court costs as “2B” is the most common code from the legislation. UpShift took this concept & created a brand with a visual hat tip to beehives.

Starting with the Two Bees web app we turned the legislation for court costing into machine logic. We enjoy challenges like this as it involves turning human systems into machine logic, which can then be turned into human friendly interfaces.

Legislation is not drafted with machines in mind (or humans in some cases) so breaking down the intricacies of the legal framework to turn it into a human friendly digital tool took some thought & planning.

Developing the web app first meant we could engage in fast prototyping, where changes could be shared with Steve & his colleagues in minutes for efficient & timely feedback.

With the web app up & running we could turn out attention to Android & iOS mobile apps. Taking the existing machine logic/ interface & applying it to mobile devices.

The development team used React Native to develop Android & iOS mobile apps using the same code base. We worked with Steve to publish the apps to the Google Play & Apple App Stores.

Tama has always been across everything—good project manager; he understands The Whole. Matt has provided great design input. He recently helped me with an (old school-ish) ad. He got it right the first time. That meant I could get it out the door and published. Will/ Sheldon—on technical deployment, whenever I have made a request, they have been able to solve the problem and get it done, and get it live on the site, promptly.

Steve Keall / The Legal Drive
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