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Bernie McKone is a man of vision. It’s easy enough to say, but Bernie - previous winner of Pharmacist of the Year and recently awarded the rare Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Gold Medal - lives that vision, and brings others on the journey.

UpShift is a great fit for us, not only are they experienced in modern digital solutions, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve, but our values are aligned as well. I felt our message and purpose had become bigger, we weren’t just about helping any subset of people - but helping everyone. UpShift cared about that message and was able to run with that brief.
Bernie McKone

Bernie first approached UpShift to build an advice and e-commerce site for his pharmacy business some years ago. 

Now Managing Director on the Board for Invercargill-based Waikiwi pharmacy, his brand, which had previously focused exclusively on men’s health and then women’s, had become much more broad.

The team set about refreshing the Waikiwi brand and updating their website on the Shopify platform, prioritising mobile functionality and making sure sales weren’t disrupted by the change. 

Bernie values curiosity, early awareness and detection of health concerns, and empowering people with complex or long-term health conditions.

Bernie reports that people who feel in charge of their own health have positive outcomes twice as often as those who aren’t empowered. And feeling in charge starts with access to the right information and advice. 

It doesn’t really matter what’s written on the piece of paper - the prescription - if people don’t have the resources to understand and use the medication properly. Pharmacists and pharmacies are an important source of information and support, out in the community. The website is a great way for people to connect to that support. We’re very satisfied with the results, and our ongoing relationship with UpShift.
Bernie McKone
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