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Whitehaven is a winery established in the 1994 by the White Family in the Marlborough region. The White family has been in the wine business for the last 25years. Having a huge international presence in markets like US, UK, Ireland, Asia and Australia, they realised they needed a more user friendly and modern website for their target audiences.


UpShift was approached by White Haven in 2019 when they decided to upgrade their website because their then website was an outdated one. Whitehaven has a very good backstory to the brand which they wanted to share with the rest of the world, and UpShift made sure that happened. The current Whitehaven website tells the story of how the brand was established while keeping the main focus on the products.

The website designed by UpShift is a detailed one, it displays the list of distributors of Whitehaven, a dedicated tab for establishment and working of the brand and importantly an online store which is easy to use. There is also a provision for posting Newsletters and Latest News on the website. There is also a provision for writing a review about the wines. The website created by UpShift supports the brand and it’s value giving the customers a great user-friendly experience.

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