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Operations & Project Manager

Prapti Mane

Prapti is our operations, project, and keep-the-team-on-track manager. We keep her very busy! She has expansive international experience in the IT industry, having worked with brands like Lakme, Sanofi and Ranbaxy, and brings a unique perspective to our work. Her ability to manage projects from start to finish, including portfolio management, is a valuable skill that ensures that our team delivers quality work on time and within budget. She also provides support to e-commerce clients, implements innovative content management systems, and was the office Galaga champion until recently (and will be fighting for the title back!)

Recent rewarding job:
I had a great time working with the Marlborough Lines team on their refreshed website. We created a clean, modern site to help tell Marlborough Lines' story, while also increasing visitor response and engagement, and showcasing real-time information.

Operations & Project Manager

Prapti Mane

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