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Website Design

Give your website a revamp

A great design is the first thing that your users see when they arrive at your website. A website designed by UpShift does more than just look good - we design web pages that engage, guide, and inform your users as they interact with your website. UpShift can optimise the design of your existing website, applying the latest user experience principles to keep your website looking good and working great.

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Do you want a Web designer who:

  • Has a proven track record of designing great websites?
  • Works with you to make the most out of your existing platform?
  • Uses the latest User Experience principles to guide their work?
  • Creates concepts and previews so you can visualise the result?
Refresh your website with UpShift!

Why choose UpShift to redesign your website?

Technical experts

We use our expertise to discuss how best to apply your vision to your existing website. We have experience across a range of platforms, and we can use this to create a practical, engaging design to apply to your website.

Clear discussion

As much as we love creating, we are experts at communication too. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining a dialogue with you, ensuring we perfectly understand your vision and how to apply it to your site.

Input and Feedback

We can work with your vision and refine it, giving expert feedback and advice that will enhance your vision in ways you never dreamed possible.

Clear process, quality communication

We set expectations early and maintain an open dialogue throughout the process. You will be kept involved and up to date with your project.

Some of our past Website Design work:

How does the process work?


We discuss your vision and evaluate your current website. We use this evaluation to create a plan that meets your needs and can be applied to the existing architecture.


We use the initial evaluation to create a brief. This sets out an overview of the work we will be doing, how long the project will take, and when to expect key milestones.


After completing our evaluation, we use the information we have gathered to create a new website architecture to build our design concept on to. We use Adobe XD, a market-leading UX tool. Adobe XD allows us to not only create incredible designs, but also lets us share our concept with you as a working prototype to interact with and provide feedback.


After collaborating with you to get the final design concept approved, we get to work. We develop your new design and apply it to the website architecture. Just as the design concept is important for you to visualise the end result, we use it to guide us throughout development.

We are a climate positive business

UpShift is proud to have achieved Climate Positive Business Operations with Ekos. Since 2019 we have measured and offset 120% of our carbon footprint with certified carbon credits.

These certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and help to deliver climate resilence, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.