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Park My Spaceship was born from a question Tama got back in 2018 from his 7yo son:

Dad, how big is a Star Destroyer?

So they went on a 1.6km bike ride to see how long it was in real life.

During the bike ride Tama thought about making an app which could show how big spaceships were in real life, he threw some code together when he got home & Park My Spaceship was born.

After Tama showed the app to his colleagues at UpShift, we added some more functionality from there. Then we made it live to show our friends & it went viral on the second day it was live. Crikey.

Since then Park My Spaceship has been used to entertain, inform & win arguments about how big spaceships are.

In late 2021 we decided to revisit the app and update it's code base, design and functionality. We also employed a digital illustrator to update the old silhouette style spaceships to more detailed models.

Just before Christmas 2021 the app got a renewed surge of interest from this article on The Verge.

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