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The Trigger Mash - Borderlands 3 app is a collaboration between the UpShift team and Youtuber SpartanGameZone.

Channelling our love for computer games and tapping into SGZ's encyclopedic knowledge of Borderlands we created free Android and iOS mobile apps which allow users to search for the right Borderlands weapon for their playstyle.

Please scroll down for our privacy policy and support information for this app.

Privacy Policy

The Trigger Mash - Borderlands 3 app does not collect any information from the user.

App Support

How to save an item to My Weapons:

Saving your favourite weapons is easier than climbing stairs. Just press the heart icon or hold down on a weapon name while browsing the weapons list.

You can remove an item from "My Weapons" by holding down on the
weapon name.

Optimize list:

To speed up the app if required, check the box "Optimize Lists" found in settings.

General Enquiries

For any queries or issues you can contact us here.

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