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Novum Wines

Brand identity isn’t just about logo, fonts and colourways. More often it's about the brand story and tone of voice, communicated through imagery and words. Novum Wines is a new kind of winery and they asked us to help them tell their story.

Novum sources the best vine fruit from New Zealand to craft the best wines they can. Each vintage is only available in small quantities and is sold direct to its founding members around the world at an exceptional price, and the general public through selected outlets.

After an extensive strategy stage we embarked on creating a visual mood and style to answer the brief – exclusive but down-to-earth. We used high quality close-up art style images mixed with honest shots of work, all shown in black and white for an accessible but prestige feel. The result is a brand that has a unique story to tell and a visual style that supports all of its key messages.

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