Re-imagining your brand or designing it from scratch

We help businesses become memorable brands. We’re just as comfortable refining an existing brand as we are starting from scratch. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking a brand is just about logos and colours - it’s so much more than that. A well-considered brand manifests in the visual appearance of your digital assets, print material, in your workplace, your advertising and even your people. 


It’s time to really care about what your brand is - let’s talk. 

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Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Creating an entirely new brand for a new company?
  • Refreshing an old, outdated stale brand?
  • A misalignment between your company purpose or values and the existing brand position?
  • Embedding your branding in the online space?
  • Finding full service brand design expertise?
UpShift is for you.

So, why trust us with crafting your brand?

Design experts

Our team is well versed in applying a business’ character and message into a design language and visual presentation.

We consider a brand from all angles

Your brand will speak to customers, future employees - even existing employees. It’s important to design a brand that makes sense in all contexts.

Structured, thorough approach

While we love ideation and brainstorming, we provide a framework in which we develop your brand and work together in order to get the best possible result at the end.

No business is too technical for a great brand

Just because you operate in a niche or complex industry, doesn’t mean your brand should be any less refined. We can take tricky concepts and mould them into simple, effective brand design and positioning.

Here’s just some of our branding expertise to date

Okay, so what’s involved in developing your brand?

Brand Brief

Briefing an agency on a brand can be challenging, which is why we view this stage as a cooperative process between you and UpShift.Through a discovery process, we ask the right questions to best understand what it is you need from your brand.

Competitor / Market Analysis

Understanding where your business sits in relation to other brands is essential for building our approach. We will take a deep dive into your top 3 competitor’s use of visuals, messaging and positioning to map out the market.

Brand Position Review

And now the spotlight’s on you. This stage is about uncovering how you’re positioned in the market in relation to your target audiences. This allows us to build a picture of any gap that exists which is valuable knowledge going into the next phase.

Brand Strategy

With all the homework done, we set about building an approach to develop, create and launch your new brand into market. With our roots in digital, we’re also able to get into the technical details of how and where your brand should live online.

Brand Identity Development

The UpShift team will develop a number of brand identities, based upon the research and strategy. Our designers will bring these to life in order to bring you options.

Present Design Concepts

Our team will bring a selection of design concepts for you to review - all based upon the research and work done to date. Together, we will discuss the visual identity of the ideas, getting your direction on the idea (or mix of ideas) you like.

Develop Concepts

The team will go away with feedback and progress the brand identity into a finished suite of assets. At this point we’ll buy fonts, create brand kits and design logo variants. By the end of this stage we have your brand realised, ready to be used for digital and print applications.

Provide final designs, files, guidelines

Finally, it’s time to hand over your new brand. You’ll be supplied with all the final designs, files and brand guidelines. If you engage us for other services like development, we’ll apply this new brand to your app or website, too.

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