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Fight flood & fire
When forests die, we die. Your organisation can turn the tides. Enter to win an official Carbon Footprint Analysis worth up to $2,800*.

What you'll win


UpShift & Ekos are proud to offer the opportunity for a kiwi organisation with fewer than 20 employees to complete an official Carbon Footprint Analysis with Ekos - for free

Check the terms of entry.

Ekos works with businesses, landowners, iwi, local and central government, and people across Aotearoa and the Pacific to fight the causes of climate crisis. 

Finding out your carbon emissions is a fundamental first step. Ekos will be your guide.

The Ekos team will use data provided by the winner to accurately and efficiently measure their total carbon emissions within a 12-month period. This data includes everything from how many computers are used in the office, through to how many staff might drive to work.

The Analysis is a comprehensive measurement that provides useful, practical information to help the organisation understand its emissions, locate the biggest contributing factors, and be empowered to address them.

Kia ora!

About UpShift & Ekos


UpShift & Ekos have a long-standing & happy partnership, based on the mutual goal of doing work that contributes to a better world. 

UpShift specialises in building complex applications for the environment, science and health sectors. The team has designed & developed critical tools that enable Ekos’ work to fight the climate crisis, and make their services more efficient & accessible.

Ekos straddles both the supply and demand sides of carbon emissions management. In addition to providing emissions measurement and reduction planning, their self-sustaining forestation projects and programmes in Aotearoa and the Pacific generate carbon credits for purchase, creating funding for re-investment.

UpShift built & maintains 'dCarbon,' a powerful tool Ekos uses to measure emissions based on complex business data.

dCarbon replaced a stack of spreadsheets & many hours of manual calculations. It plays a vital role in evaluating your business’ carbon footprint.

This, along with a new freight calculator that encompasses seven different calculations, has had a radical impact on Ekos’ ability to scale and deliver affordable services.

Now, the UpShift team is developing a Carbon Inventory platform, which will keep a detailed digital record of all the credits bought, generated, & sold by Ekos, & to which reforestation project they’re linked.

UpShift is proud to be 'Climate Positive Certified,' by Ekos, reflecting an ongoing commitment to measuring & offsetting at least 120% of organisational emissions every year. 

Read more about UpShift.

Read more about Ekos. 

Fight flood & fire
Find your footprint with UpShift & Ekos.

The fine print


The following terms relate to 'Win a Carbon Footprint Analysis' lead by UpShift Ltd & Ekos Kāmahi Ltd, occurring between February 2024 & July 2024 inclusive. 

All entries are subject to these Terms & the Ekos Kāmahi Ltd Standard Terms of Service.

  • The campaign is valid from 23 February to 20 July 2024

  • The winner or winners are subject to the discretion of UpShift Ltd & Ekos Kāmahi Ltd.

  • The decision is final and no discussion will be entered into. 

  • The winner will be contacted prior to public announcement.

  • The prize as defined by Ekos is: one (1) Carbon Footprint Analysis for a business or organisation with up to 20 Full Time Employees (FTEs) or equivalent. 

  • The prize is worth up to $2,800NZD exGST

  • Once a winner is contacted, the primary relationship is between themselves and Ekos. In partnership with the winner, Ekos is responsible for delivery of the prize. 

  • Ekos' further services, including assisting with the design and implementation of emissions reduction plans, reforestation projects, and officially recognised Certifications for organisations achieving emissions targets, are not included in this prize package.


Ekos Kāmahi Ltd Standard Terms of Service

Read Ekos's Terms & Conditions


Privacy policy

UpShift Ltd & Ekos Kāmahi Ltd are committed to protecting your privacy. Any & all personal information collected for the purposes of the competition will be held securely, and will not be shared outside of these organisations.  

Legal jurisdiction

All executions within this campaign all under New Zealand jurisdiction and are therefore subject to the laws of this state. 

These terms are a legally binding contract between UpShift Limited, Ekos Kāmahi Ltd, and ’The Winner,’ and will be treated as such should any party fail to comply with the conditions.

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We are a climate positive business

UpShift is proud to have achieved Climate Positive Business Operations with Ekos. Since 2019 we have measured and offset 120% of our carbon footprint with certified carbon credits.

These certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and help to deliver climate resilence, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.