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UpShift designs, develops and delivers digital solutions to human questions. We care about, and specialise in, projects based in science, the environment, health, food & infrastructure.

Calculating Court Costs Made Easy

Two Bees

Two Bees is the brainchild of Auckland barrister Steve Keall – it is a digital tool which enables legal professionals to easily calculate court costs for trials they are involved in.Steve engaged UpShift to create a brand & develop apps for this initiative.“Two bees” is a common saying among the legal profession for court costs as “2B” is the most common code from the legislation. UpShift took this concept & created a brand with a visual hat tip to beehives.

Digital Costing Tool for Railway Construction & Maintenance


Packaging Up for your Pup

Genius Pet Food

In 2010, veterinarian Paula Short embarked on a road trip in America with husband Chris. The couple were on holiday - but they couldn’t help doing a little animal-related espionage along the way.
At the time, they owned two vet clinics in the Nelson region. And what interested them most about the US pet stores was the food they were selling.
“What we found was a wealth of all-natural, high-protein pet food using a wide range of nutritious ingredients.” says Paula. “It became very clear that New Zealand was behind in this market. As a vet, I saw the opportunity to create higher quality dog food – nutritious, ethical and sustainable. And delicious for our fur friends, of course!”
Once the recipe was on track, Paula began hunting for a Nelson-based creative agency to help build the brand, in particular the logo and the ultimate packaging design.

Environmental Assessment Modelling Tool

Western Wood Preservers Institute

Interactive web app displaying NZ's lake health


The Lakes380 programme is the biggest survey of natural lakes in the history of Aotearoa New Zealand. An ambitious project led by the Cawthron Institute and GNS Science, the programme collected data on the water quality of approximately 10% of 3,800 lakes across the country. Of course, a dataset this large, with value to so many groups, needs a simple, user-friendly interface. That’s where UpShift came in.“It’s an enjoyable challenge to be presented with data, and figure out the best way to make it make sense - make it into something people can easily navigate,” says lead developer Will Macgregor.

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