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UpShift designs, develops and delivers digital solutions to human questions. We care about, and specialise in, projects based in science, the environment, health, food & infrastructure.

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Burkes Cycles

UpShift and Burkes Cycles go way back. Not quite as far as Burkes itself, which first opened its doors in the 1920s, but far enough that we’ve played a proud part in getting them online and out to the world. Burkes is something of a Wellington legend, a family business that grew in leaps and bounds and is actively involved in the whole of New Zealand’s cycling community – which is pretty darn big! Around half of NZ households have a bike, and approximately 73 million cycling trips are made every year. The New Zealand Cycle Trail covers 2,500km of trails across the country, which doesn’t include extensive wilderness parks. It’s an industry that shows no signs of slowing down. After a century in the game, Burkes could see where this train was headed – and UpShift were the right people to help them jump onboard.

Building & refreshing 'brand' – it starts with us

The UpShift Brand

Sarah Lin Turner, UpShift’s Communications Manager, explains how you and your brand are all about perspective.I remember the year in primary school when Magic Eye puzzle books replaced Weetbix cards as the new key to playground bragging rights. It was 1991, I was still wearing my Kiwi Kid t-shirt, and no one knew that this hallucinogenic zeitgeist was about to hit NZ shores and divide the schoolyard. The rules were simple: if you could see the picture hidden inside the bright Pollock-style patterns, you were Cool. If you couldn’t – well. You weren't even safe in the library anymore.As a shy, bookish child, I’d always relied on reading as an escape. Unfortunately for me, Magic Eyes were not so much about reading, as looking. And looking revealed absolutely nothing, no matter how I did it.My classmates were full of advice. Squint! Cross your eyes! Hold the book up to your face and move it away slowly – not wait – hold the book up to your face and move it away fast! Relax, no, don’t relax! – stare, but not too long.None of it helped. I only ever saw flat repeating patterns; scatter plot colours on a page. There was no 3D tiger for me. Sadly, I decided magic wasn’t meant for me.Of course, that was three decades ago. I’ve learned a few more tricks since then. The most important thing is perspective, which is always based on where the viewer is standing. And for most of us, the second we look at the picture, we’re inside the detail.

Website solution for Marlborough Lines

Marlborough Lines

Based in sunny Blenheim, Marlborough Lines Limited manages the Marlborough region’s electricity network, distributing energy across the top of the South Island. A trust holds the shares in the company on behalf of more than 26,000 beneficiaries. That number represents installations connected to the network: meaning, both current and future electricity users in the Marlborough region.That’s a fair few people to take care of! And that’s where UpShift came in.

Creating a strong brand presence

Kingston Wealth Management

Kingston Wealth Management were a small newly formed independent financial advisory firm that needed a strong, reliable and trustworthy brand.UpShift were asked to create a brand that inspired confidence but had a modern twist. A shield device was used for heritage and strength but a bright palette and contemporary fonts were used for modernity.

Fixing a brand disconnect

Kerridge & Partners

Kerridge & Partners is New Zealand’s leading leadership consultancy. Its brand identity was created several years ago & didn’t align with who Kerridge & Partners is today & what they represent.UpShift was brought in to fix this brand disconnect. The result was a fresh new identity & website that better represented Kerridge & Partners & its core value of ‘Transforming the leadership landscape’. UpShift developed a visual identity that related to this philosophy & applied it across website, photography brief, brand guidelines & annual integrated report.

Shopify solution for an E-Commerce store

Nelson Merino

UpShift loves working with locals. While we might have clients in many corners of the world, sometimes the best stories are happening right down the street. That was the case with Nelson Merino, a kiwi owned & operated company making clothing with 100% New Zealand wool.While New Zealand weather might be on the mild side most of the year, we all know the chill of a good old Antarctic southerly. And if you’re heading out into it, it’s common knowledge natural fibres like merino wool are the best way to keep fingers and toes toasty and frost-free. That’s why Nelson Merino works with one of the most ancient breeds of sheep on earth – and the first type to be imported to New Zealand in large numbers. And the team knew it wasn’t just us locals who were after garments made from that far-travelled fine fleece.

Updating the online experience for a Nelson institution

The Suter Art Gallery

To coincide with opening of the new Suter gallery we were tasked with creating a modern, clean and responsive website to offer a streamlined user interface that showcased the everything that the Suter does. We used many of the inbuilt tools of Squarespace to show exhibitions, events and what’s on at the theatre. These in-built tools make managing the site a dream for the Suter in-house team.

Bringing a new retail development to life

Berryfields Crossing

Berryfields Crossing is a new community-focused commercial development centred around a luxury multi-screen cinema and casual dining.UpShift were tasked with developing a new brand identity to bring the development to life and capture the imagination of the target audience.

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